The Office Invasion

The characters from The Seventh Room are ready to infiltrate your office with all of the surprise, energy and speed of a flash mob-style game.  Lasting only 15 minutes, this experience is designed to boost energy levels and morale without causing an undue amount of disruption to the work day.

The Set-Up

  1. Phone Call: I’ll hop on a quick 10 minute call to walk you through the process and answer any questions you have.  We’ll schedule dates for the walk-through and the invasion.
  2. Walk-through: I’ll pay you a quick 10-minute visit to your office to discretely plan where the actors will enter and where the game will take place
  3. Staff Notice: Leading up to the event, you’ll send out a notification that there will be a guest speaker that day to discuss safety procedures.  This helps to ensure that all staff members will be available and won’t be engaged in important business matters (phone calls, meetings, etc.) during the invasion.

The Invasion

  • We’ll send a text notification to the organizer when the cast is on it’s way and when we’ve arrived.
  • Lorenzo will enter first and proceed with a safety talk about “What to do in the event of an illegal alien attack”
  • He will hand out various “weapons” such as pool noodles, air cannons and nerf balls and describe how they can be used to defend against aliens.
  • Two minutes later, the aliens arrive and the staff use their weapons as they’ve been instructed to defend themselves
  • Once the aliens are defeated and ushered back out of the office, we take a few photos with Lorenzo and he’s on his way!