Puzzles for a purpose

At The Seventh Room, we believe that the most important puzzle we could ever hope to solve is the betterment of the world around us.  We have created the "Puzzles for a Purpose" program to help local charities achieve their goals and by doing so, contribute a piece to that grand puzzle.  Through this program, we hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship that allows organizations to raise funds and awareness of their mission while promoting our theatrical puzzle-solving experience.

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Earn Money for your Organization

Using a unique promotional code to track the success of your campaign, The Seventh Room will pay $7 to your organization for every ticket sold throughout the campaign.  With the ability to accommodate over 4,000 players each month, your organization can earn over $28,000 in a 30-day campaign.

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Save Money for your friends

In addition to paying your organization for every ticket sold, the unique promo code will give players 10% off their tickets, making it easy for your organization to promote the campaign.  We'll also set you up for success by providing digital media, creating custom files for fliers, and posting to our own social media platforms.

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Let us handle the money for you

The Seventh Room will schedule all bookings online and bill the tickets directly.  There is no need for anyone in your organization to handle any money.  When your campaign has ended, The Seventh Room will cut a check to your organization for the amount of charity your campaign has earned.  It's just that easy!

Take the first step

If you're interested in learning more about how we can help your organization, please fill out this firm and we'll reach out to you within 24 hours.  Once we have discussed the goals for your unique campaign, we'll get to work designing all of the materials you'll need to make your campaign a success.  When the campaign has launched, we'll provide you with a weekly report to track the success of your campaign from start to finish.  At the end of your campaign, we'll cut your organization a check for the total funds your campaign has earned (calculated simply as $7 times the number of tickets sold using your unique campaign promo code).

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Phone Number
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Preferred Launch Date
We recommend a 30 day campaign but will work with your organization to create a schedule that suits you best.