The Crate

A puzzle game that comes to you


We'll come to you

The Crate game is a puzzle-based theatrical experience that combines escape rooms with improv actors in the comfort of your own office or home.  On the day of the event, our kooky characters will arrive with a jumbo puzzle box that will require everyone’s wits and talents to solve!

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Game Objective

If you decide only to book one actor (best for 4 to 10 players), then your team will race to unlock their crate before their 90 minute time limit is up!  If you’ve got a large group and book several actors, then teams will compete with each other to see who can solve their Crate first!


Length & Size

The Crate game lasts approximately 90 minutes and can accommodate hundreds of players at a time. Each Crate comes with an improv actor who will coordinate game play, provide clues, and keep your players entertained.  We recommend one Crate/actor for every 10 players in your group. 

What’s in the Crate?

The puzzles and games included in the Crate are designed to foster an environment of uninhibited creative expression and supportive teamwork skills.  Some of the activities include, solving riddles, answering trivia questions, playing charades, making a silly video, and solving physical brainteaser puzzles.  The entire experience culminates in an exciting finale that your friends and co-workers re-tell for months!

Booking Process

Booking The Crate begins by submitting the application below.  That’s where we find out who you are, and what kind of group you’re planning to book. Once you’ve submitted the application, we’ll come up with a proposal based on your specific event and give you a call to walk you through everything.  That’s where you’ll pay a $300 deposit to confirm the event.


Sometimes if scheduling and location permits, we’ll schedule a walk-through of the event to meet the point-of-contact in person.  We’ll go through all of the event logistics step-by-step and make sure everything is covered.


Seven days out, the event will be finalized by submitting the rest of the balance due.  Then you’re all set!  We’ll call you once more on the morning of the event to confirm all the final details.


> 7 days = full refund available
2-7 days = deposit not refunded
>48 hours = 50% refund available
>24 hours = no refund available


> 7 days = no rescheduling fee
2-6 days = $150 fee
<48 hours = rescheduling not available

Booking Events outside of Austin

The Crate is available outside of Austin city limits with additional travel fees.  Travel fees are $0.75 plus tax per actor for each mile traveled outside of Austin, to and from the event venue, rounded up to the next 10-mile increment.  Distance is calculated using Google maps, starting at our headquarters at 911 West Anderson Ln, Austin, TX, 78757. Any venue more than 30 miles driving distance from our headquarters is considered outside of Austin.  

As an example, if a venue is 107 miles away from Austin and the event requires 2 actors, the total billable travel miles would include 70 miles for each leg of the journey (we don’t include travel within Austin) per each actor, for a total of 280 miles.  After taxes, this would come out to $227.33 in travel expenses.


Please tell us a bit about your event by filling out the form below. 

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Preferred Time of Event
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If your venue is more than 30 miles from our headquarters, additional travel fees may apply.

$300 Flat Rate*

Plus $100 for each additional actor.
*Sales tax and travel fees not included