Room Escape Game Etiquette

There are plenty of fun things to do in Austin, but often times our activities include people that we’ve never met before. In the world of room escape games and puzzle rooms, we are encouraged to work with strangers in order to achieve our success. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when working with strangers:

Start with the Basics

Introduce yourself. This is by far the easiest and yet most ignored aspect of coming into contact with someone new. If there is anything that you can be certain of, it’s your own name, and that the other person has one too. Once you’ve broken the ice, offer a tit bit of information about yourself - are you from out of town, are you celebrating something special etc. Keep it short and sweet. If you can’t think of anything straight off the bat to chat about, start with the setting - it is something that you’re both sharing after all. Then take it from there. You would have gotten a sense of how the other person responds in these kinds of situations and this will help you make your next move.


Nobody knows what you’re thinking, just like you don’t know what anybody else is thinking. Remember to talk to each other, especially in an investigative situation like a puzzle room or a room escape game. You’ll all be discovering new things at different times and more often than not, each new discovery will correlate with a previous one. It’s important that you ‘match up’ your findings with each other to achieve the ultimate goal.


Listening goes hand in hand with talking! All too often, people forget this and end up having one-sided conversations with themselves. It’s true when they say, “there’s no I in team.” Teamwork brings people together that have different skill sets, experiences and perceptions and so listening to each other will help improve the team’s ability to solve complex problems.

Be conscious of personal space

Often with room escape games or puzzle rooms, the space that you work in is fairly limited. Nobody wants you all up in their personal space, just like you don’t want them up in yours. The same goes for your volume of voice. It’s easy to get excited when playing games and puzzling and this often results in loud talking and screaming. Remember that some people might not be a fan of ‘the loud’ and might find it more distracting than helpful.

Be Patient

As mentioned earlier, we are all good at different things and take our own time to work on solving problems. It’s all too easy to get frustrated when we know the answer to something whilst we have to watch someone else work it out, but keep in mind that they paid for the experience too. Let other people have their moment to shine and if they’re taking a little longer than you would prefer, perhaps help them find the answer - that is the epitome of teamwork after all.

Come and visit The Seventh Room if you need any help in practicing the above tips.

Puzzlers, You've Met Your Match!

Puzzlers, You've Met Your Match!

A Matchstick Puzzle:

The Merchant gives you a handful of sticks and has you arrange the sticks in a starting position. Then he gives you a set of instructions in order to create a new shape or transform the original shape in some way. These are commonly referred to as "matchstick puzzles," which are often a source of amusement in bars and taverns (where matchsticks are usually readily available).