What Makes The Seventh Room a Unique Experience


The question contained in the puzzle at the bottom of this blog post is the one we hear the most at The Seventh Room, and for good reason.  Almost every one of the other escape rooms in Austin operate this way - and there’s a lot.  Are we at 13 now? 14?

Once we assure guests that the answer to that questions is, in fact, no, the next most commonly asked question is, “Okay, then how are you different from all of the other escape rooms I’ve been to?” Another fair question.

Players can expect a puzzle-based entertainment experience at The Seventh Room that truly sets us apart from all of the other room escape games (or puzzle rooms, as we like to call them) throughout Austin.  Here’s why.

Professionally-trained Improv Actors

According to one of the only authoritative studies about escape rooms to date, only 7% of all room escape games incorporate live actors into their experience.  We’re full of them.  At any game you’ll find as many as seven different characters (depending on the size of the game) in each of our puzzle rooms.  Not only do these characters provide the perfect way to give clues, assist players, and adjust the difficulty of the room in real time, they have all been trained to provide quick-witted humor and entertainment throughout the entire game.  We’re probably one of the only puzzle rooms you’ll go to that will make you feel as though you’re at a comedy show.  We like that.

Beautiful Theatrically-set Environment

It only takes a handful of visits to different escape rooms to realize how vastly the production value can differ from one room to the next.  Rather than locking players in rooms lit by garish fluorescent bulbs, filled with a hodge-podge of furniture that looks as though they were picked up at a garage sale, we take every effort to consider every detail of the room.  Players will solve their puzzles in a post-apocalyptic library as classical music plays softly in the background, or they’ll sit in authentic theater chairs from the 1920’s while watching their teammates perform on stage.  The devil is in the details, as they say, and we’ll be damned if everything doesn’t fit in place.

A Currency-based Mission

Going back to the question found by solving the puzzle below, we have flipped the common room escape game concept on its head by completely doing away with trapping players in one room for an hour and challenging them to solve their way out.  Instead, players are challenged to earn as many Clue Balls as possible as they go from room to room.  This removes the frustration commonly felt by players who don’t “escape” from their room in time and allows players to compete against other teams from their group - and measure their success by their own merit.

At The Seventh Room, we believe in setting trends rather than following them.  In everything we do, we strive to challenge the status quo and push ourselves to contribute something new and creative to what’s already happening around us.

But don’t just take our word for it - see what other players are saying about The Seventh Room.

“This is theater and puzzle room combined! So much fun and genuinely challenging puzzles. Get into it, have fun, be goofy, and try your hardest to solve those rooms.” - Rod R


“We returned for a second visit to the Seventh Room. We have such fun working the puzzles, playing charades, doing imitations, while trying to accumulated points. We have done three different room companies and choose to return to this one. I think it's the actor that interacts with you and keeps you laughing that makes it so enjoyable. We're already planning another visit in six months.” - Christine F


“If you are looking for a one of a kind experience this is the place to go. With the combination of live actors and games it brings out the element of excitement without feeling too down if you get stumped. I have been countless times and each experience I learn something new. Go once or a dozen times, get a group together or fly solo, this beats any puzzle room experience in Austin hands down.” - Jonathan S


“Rather than having one ultimate goal of many other puzzle rooms (most often escaping the room) our experience rewarded us for every puzzle we solved. I thought this was a great way to ensure that everyone felt accomplished no matter how well they performed.” - Alison S


“As a theatre person, I really admired the attention to detail in each room, even the entry area. Every room was staged, dressed, painted, and lit in a way that created just the right atmosphere for the setting. It's obvious that the owner(s) have gone to great trouble to attend to the smallest detail in each room, and I appreciate their efforts! The hosts were also in character the entire time; this truly was an immersive experience.” - gwynnetx

If you’re ready to immerse yourself in a truly unique puzzle experience, book your game at The Seventh Room.

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