The Perfect Date Night

"Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy... but do you want to sit next to me in a dark room for two hours, maybe?"  

If you think that going to a movie in order to get to know someone is boring, chances are good that your date is going to feel the same.  Rather than offering to do something cliche and mundane, impress that lucky guy or gal with something more fun to do in Austin.  Whether it's a first date, an intimate anniversary, or a birthday celebration, The Seventh Room is an awesome place to make your evening something to remember.  Here are five reasons why The Seventh Room is the perfect place for your next date:

1: Really get to know each other

Like going to an interview, first dates are usually (and hopefully) a time when everyone is on their best behavior - doing everything to make the best impression possible.  That's all well and good except you're hoping to get to know a person, not just see how long they can keep up the "I'm-absolutely-perfect-and-you-should-love-me-forever" shtick. If you can relate to this then trust us, escape rooms and puzzle rooms like The Seventh Room are the perfect environment to bring out someone's true colors.

2: Less Pressure

Sitting down to a dinner with someone you've never met can be a daunting task, even for the most extroverted among us.  If things get rocky before the appetizer arrives, what are you going to talk about for the rest of your meal?  The improv actors and frequently-changing settings at The Seventh Room take the pressure off of you and provide plenty of conversation topics.

3: Plan in Advance

Because you can purchase tickets online ahead of time, planning your special night is a breeze.  Don't worry about what to do next or how long it's going to last.  If things go well, our staff is armed with plenty of great post-puzzle drink spots near-by for you to keep the night going.

4: Go With Friends

Each room you enter at The Seventh Room can accommodate up to 8 players so bring your friends and go on a double, triple or even quadruple date!  It takes a village to fall in love!

5: Make It Memorable

A night at The Seventh Room is truly a unique experience.  Because we are the only escape/puzzle room in town with professionally trained improv actors, we can offer a one-of-a-kind experience filled with laughter, some friendly competition and plenty of satisfying a-ha moments.

Ready to shake up your love life and do something fun and different in Austin?  Book your tickets to The Seventh Room today!